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Microsurgery Department №1

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Microsurgery Department №3
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The Department was founded since the establishment of the Institute in 1926 and is considered to be the oldest unit. It was a virological Department at first, whose main task at that time was the fight against trachoma, the Department have reshaped over the years - the production development in the Republic and improvement of knowledge in the field of ophthalmology has set new tasks.
Currently, the Microsurgery Department #3 is a multidisciplinary clinical unit for 60 beds, with the latest diagnostic, laser and microsurgical equipment, working in close cooperation with other divisions of the Institute and the physicians of other clinics and specialties (ENT doctors, maxillofacial surgeons, neurosurgeons, traumatologists, combustiology, neurologists, endocrinologists, physiochemistry, etc.).

Annually the department receive more than 2000 people, number of operations increase steadily from year to year. 3 years ago surgical activity in the Department was not more than 35%, at present this index has increased significantly and is already about 70%.

The Department is a scientific-practical eye care center of RB to deliver of specialized medical treatment to patients with eye injuries and their consequences, infectious and inflammatory eye diseases.

Eye injury is a significant socio-economic issue. Since 2003 injuries and their consequences are in the 6th place among the primary disability causes. More than 90% of the injured persons who were newly recognized as disabled due to eye injuries are people of working age, more than 80% of them men and more than 70% of them received a penetrating wound of the eyeball.

The quality and timeliness of surgical treatment largely depends on the outcome of penetrating wounds, the chances of the victim to return to normal life and work.

Primary surgical treatment (PST) in the modern concepts of the penetrating wounds pathogenesis of the eyeball is no longer sufficient. Currently a more progressive single-stage exhaustive surgical treatment (SSCST) of injuries is an approach that not only seals the wound, stops the bleeding and creates conditions to prevent post-traumatic complications but also provides transparency of the optical path, removes traumatic cataract and implants artificial lens, all damaged of eye structures are restored. All this requires high qualification of the doctor, the availability of appropriate diagnostic equipment and modern equipment of operation room.