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Now patients with thin corneas time laser vision correction to correct refractive error is  a corneal collagen cross-linking for strengthening the corneal stroma and enhance the strength properties of the cornea.

The decision on  the procedure of corneal crosslinking, alone or in conjunction with laser correction, of refractive is accepted by the surgeon after complete ophthalmological examination.

Mechanism of action of crosslinking of the cornea

based on "curing" of the collagen fibers of the cornea under the influence of low-intensity ultraviolet radiation in the presence of the photosensitive solution of Riboflavin. As a result, the formation of additional connections-bridges between the separated fibers of collagen that are connected at single  durable three-dimensional network, reinforcing the strength of the cornea from 3 to 6 times.

Indications for crosslinking with laser

  • myopia of different degrees with a thin cornea
  • the
  • hyperopia different degrees (to reduce the risk of over-correction)
  • the
  • on the testimony of the thin cornea and high risk of keratectasia

 Contraindications for crosslinking

  • Method not shown when corneal thickness less than 400 microns (at least in one dimension) because of the possibility of endothelial damage by the ultraviolet radiation;
  • the
  • corneal opacity and low visual acuity with correction;
  • the
  • Hypersensitivity to Riboflavin.
  • the
  • Active concomitant ophthalmopathology (e.g., inflammatory process).

In Ufa research Institute of eye diseases 2009 used developed and put into practice a vehicle for the crosslinking of the cornea "Uplink" (it is registered and certified in Russia). 

For the crosslinking of the cornea in conjunction with laser correction there is a special solution of Riboflavin.