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Optical Store

Address:  90, Pushkin str, Ufa, 450008, building 2, 1st floor, office 102
Phone: +7 (347) 273-14-88
Mode of operation: mon-Fri from 8.00 to 19.00 without a break, Saturday, Sunday - days off

Sunglasses! Large selection of frames and cases!
  Urgent production points for 15-20 minutes!

In the section "Optics" is:

  • definition of visual acuity
  • qualified eyeglasses
  • glasses manufacturer

Patients are offered a huge selection of frames of different manufacturers, ophthalmic lenses with multi-coated photochromic lenses.
Multifunction lenses SunSensors in the city and outside the city, mountains and sea are used as sunglasses. But they are also perfectly suitable for office work when function the classic clear lenses. Inwe use ophthalmic lenses of known world manufacturers: СarlZeiss, Rodenstock, LTL, Essilor, BBGR. With photochromic polymer lenses SunSensors thin, light, suitable to any kind of eyeglasses, even the most graceful.

SunSensors lenses are ideal for relaxing on the air, thanks to their quick reactions to lighting changes, even the most sharp. The ability to quickly change lenses provides lasting comfort eyes and reduces the risk of discomfort from sudden light flashes.

The Department advises qualified medical Optik, patients can obtain complete information about all types of spectacle lenses.

In the section "Optics" are also soft contact lenses leading companies: Bausch&Lomb, Johnson&Johnson, OK Vision Lunelle different wear time ( from 1 day to 9 months).There are also contact lenses of domestic and foreign production for the correction of aphakia in children and adults.

In the trading room experienced sales consultants. The range is constantly updated.

style="color: #652c91;">License for activity implementation on production and maintenance (except for case if maintenance is performed for ensuring own needs of legal entity or individual entrepreneur) medical technology №FS-99-04-002712 from 19 may 2015 issued by the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of healthcare.