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Professional training (specialization) in ophthalmology - 576 hrs (4 months)

Professional training (specialization) in ophthalmology - 576 hrs (4 months)

  • Description for services:

    Invited ophthalmologists from outpatient and inpatient departments, citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign citizens. 

    576-hour courses designed for ophthalmologists: 

    - with a break in employment as an ophthalmologist in more than 5 years and want to restore certificate
    - having work experience less than 5 years

    The course contains a basic knowledge and material on the latest developments in modern ophthalmology. Lectures, seminars and practical classes on subjects: healthcare management, anatomy and physiology of the organ of vision, diagnosis of ocular pathology, the main issues of conservative and surgical treatment the most common pathology of the eye. 

    During training students are introduced to the work of all departments of the Institute may use the Institute library with large number of domestic and foreign ophthalmic literature.

    Duration – 4 months (576 hours).  

    Training terms are set individually for the receipt of applications. 

    On completion of training receive a diploma. 

    You can also organise the certification exam results  certificate specialist installed MOH sample.

    For questions, contact us by phone (347)272-33-61,      
    Fax (347) 272-37-75 at the address: 450008, Ufa, Pushkina str, 90 
    e-mail: obrotdel@yandex.ru.

    Head of scientific-educational Department, PhD Sagadatova N. M.


Name Training period The cost
For doctors of the Russian Federation (with regard to training in public hospitals) 4 months (576 hours) 0 RUB
For foreign citizens 4 months (576 hours) 50 000 RUB
For physicians private institutions 4 months (576 hours) 30 000 RUB