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February 4, 2021 Views: 167

Reports and presentations requirements

Time limit on speeches: 10-12 minutes.

Number of slides: 15- 20.

Structure of the presentation:

Slides size: 16:9

1. Title slide # 1 is to have the following information:

-       the name of the institution where the work has been done(font size >= 20 pt.)

-       report title (font size >32 pt., semi bold)

-       author and co-authors names and last names (font size>-28 pt.)

-       the name and the last name, academic degree, title, position of research supervisor (font size >- 28 pt.).

2. Slide #2-Introduction is to contain the main purpose, the problem / hypothesis, topicality of the work.

3.   Last slide is to contain Conclusion on the work implemented.

4.   Presentation ends with the slide reading "Thank you for your attention".

Slides design:

1.      Each slide (except the first one) is to have a short title that should be larger than the main text by 2 or more pt.

2.      The preferred presentation design is the use of "dark text on a white background" color schemes.

3. For the main text, the recommended font size is ≥ 28 pt.

4. Slide margins of at least 0.5 cm on each side.

5. The use of sound effects during the demonstration of the presentation is not desirable.

6. Any use of graphic information on slides should be accompanied by text comments.

7. The presentation file should be created in MS PowerPoint 97-2013 or in a program that performs similar functions. Such a file should open in MS PowerPoint or be able to view it without using third party programs. In the latter case the file should allow you to access any of the presentation slides in any order.

8.      The name of the presentation file is to contain the speaker's full name in English (Ivanov_A.ppt or Ivanov_A.pptx).