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June 9, 2015 Views: 294

Scientists of the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases was presented a unique project for the treatment of inflammation of the lacrimal SAC. This is when the tears cannot reach the nose cavity. The so-called silicone stent has no analogues in the world.

Before that the French have supplied the world market with a special yarn. But they were expensive and the patients subsequently remained ineffective.

Patients full cried from happiness. And before that to cry was impossible. The development of Bashkir scientists. Months of sleepless work, dozens of scientific articles and experiments. Debristream – lightweight silicone subject matter, drainage. Through the nose it is implanted to the eye, the opening of the tear duct that was clogged. Annually with this disease in the Institute of eye diseases comes 250.

Shamil Kuzbekov, the author of the project, candidate of medical Sciences: "Our design can significantly reduce the number of relapses after surgical treatment and to make life easier for our patients."

In the so-called dacryocystitis eyes fester that eventually leads to blindness. The treatment was expensive. I ordered the French have a special thread for $ 350. Implanted for six months and gave no guarantee that the diagnosis will not be repeated. Bashkir development found to be more effective. This was confirmed by the experts of the competition "Russian StartUp Tour". Young scientists received a grant of one million rubles.

Marat sea Otters, the author of the project, Junior researcher research Institute of eye diseases: "the idea Came to create their own product, which would correspond to a direct import substitution and at the same time would and drainage, and slezootdelenia".

face="Arial">Silicone drainage manufactured using a 3D printer, so the cost of the product significantly less than their Western counterparts. This is not the first original development of the research Institute of eye diseases. For example, the use of ultraviolet light when you change the shape of the cornea is considered a revolutionary.

Azat Khalimov, head of scientific production division of the Institute of eye diseases, "Science is not for science. It has definitely applied nature. Produced about 5 articles in the medical market, and about 15 products under development".

Ophthalmologists of Ufa expect a million-dollar grant will help to mass produce silicone drainage and to sell in the medical market. We are now negotiating for lucrative contracts.

Source: TV Channel "BST"