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October 31, 2022 Views: 81

On October 12, on the eve of the World Sight Day, the WHO meeting was held at the United Nations New York building. Rupert Bourne, who leads the Vision Loss Expert Group, presented the “Report of the 2030 targets on effective coverage of eye care”. The Report is based on key findings of a comprehensive analysis of population-based eye health surveys at the global level, disaggregated by regions, gender and income level. Another purpose of this Report is to identify key issues. The Report also presents proposals for strengthening epidemiological surveillance and expanding policies and programs on effective coverage of eye care. Special attention was drawn to the data from population-based studies, conducted in different countries and regions, including “Ural Eye and Medical Study (UEMS)” and “Ural Very Old Study (UVOS)” of Ufa Eye Research Institute.

Speaking on behalf of the WHO Dr Stuart Keel said: “… these data set the baseline for what we want to achieve by 2030 and the international collaborative effort demonstrates how well-positioned the eye care sector is to contribute to the advancement of Universal Health Coverage within countries”.

The findings of Ufa Eye Research Institute, the only one among Russian medical institutions, were cited in the WHO Report at the UN.