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Part of the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases in "EuCornea – 2016" and "ESCRS - 2016"

20 September 2016, Tuesday 00:00 Просмотров: 777

The delegation of the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases , headed by a Director, Professor M. M. Bikbov took part in the 7th Congress of specialists in the treatment of corneal diseases "EuCornea – 2016" (9-10 September 2016) and 34th Congress of the European society of cataract and refractive surgeons "ESCRS - 2016" (10-14 September 2016).Both Congress held in the modern Congress centre BellaCenter Copenhagen (Denmark).
In General, the work of the Congress participated about 10 thousand delegates from more than 130 countries to discuss the most topical issues of ophthalmology.

Scientific program of the Congress, Aisoria consisted of main sessions and oral presentations, satellite symposia and training courses held simultaneously in three halls. The Congress focused on issues of application of various types of keratoplasty in patients with corneal pathology, keratoconus patients, including method of crosslinking, injuries of the eye "dry eye syndrome", etc.

The staff of our Institute presented 3 papers:
- Bikbov M. M., Usubov E., I. Rakhmatova Orthokeratology correction combined with corneal crosslinking for keratoconus subclinical stage of/ http://www.eucornea.org/abstracts-online
- M. Bikbov, G. Kazakbaeva, Usubov E., Kazakbaev R. Implantation of intrastromal corneal ring at patients with subclinical keratokonus/ http://www.eucornea.org/abstracts-online
- M. Bikbov, E. Usubov, Oganisyan K. Topographic, pachymetric parameters in patients with Down syndrome/ http://www.eucornea.org/abstracts-online

Scientific program society of cataract and refractive surgeons ESCRS, which is the largest ophthalmology community in Europe, included more than 40 sessions, oral presentations, 3080 symposia and training courses.The meetings were held simultaneously in 8 rooms, and was devoted to cataract surgery, including femtosecond laser and its complications and results of implantation of various IOL types and their calculation, correction of refractive disorders, etc.

Institute staff presented at the ESCRS Congress in General, 8 reports. Head of children's microsurgical Department, doctor of medical Sciences I. S. zaidullin presented an oral report on the session devoted to application of laser-assisted cataract surgery:
- Bikbov M. M., I. S. Zaidullin Outcomes of femtosecond laser-assisted anterior capsulotomy in children with cataract


        In addition, presented the following poster presentations:
- Bikbov M. M., Bikbulatova A., Pasikova N. Long-term state of corneal endothelial cells after radial keratotomy / http://www.escrs.org/Copenhagen2016/programme/posters-details.asp?id=26530
- Bikbov M. M., Bikbulatova A., Pasikova N. Phacoemulsification after radial keratotomy / http://www.escrs.org/Copenhagen2016/programme/posters-details.asp?id=25695
- M. Bikbov, E. Usubov, K. Oganisyan, N. Zaynullina, Bikbova G. Results of surgical treatment of keratoconus in patients with concomitant Down's syndrome /href="http://www.escrs.org/Copenhagen2016/programme/posters-details.asp?id=25784">http://www.escrs.org/Copenhagen2016/programme/posters-details.asp?id=25784
- M. Bikbov, G. Bikbova, Usubov E., Zaynullina N., Khalimov A. Early clinical outcomes of transepithelial corneal cross-linking with 0.2% solution of riboflavin in the treatment of corneal ectasia / http://www.escrs.org/ Copenhagen2016/ programme/posters-details.asp?id=25926
- M. Bikbov, V. Surkova, G. Bikbova, Zaynullina N., Khalimov A. The cross-linking treatment of pellucid marginal degeneration of cornea /http://www.escrs.org/Copenhagen2016/programme/posters-details.asp?id=25927
- M. Bikbov, Zaidullin I. Y. Burkhanov Outcomes of femtosecond laser-assisted anterior capsulotomy in children with cataract http://www.escrs.org/Copenhagen2016/programme/free-papers-details.asp?id=27154
- Shavaleeva K., Aznabaev R. Post LASIK changes of functional lacrimal complex in patients with ametropy

The exhibition was attended by all the leading manufacturers of ophthalmic equipment, instruments and consumables. Widely presented the scientific literature.
Participation of employees of the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases reports in such international forums as Congress of ESCRS and EuCornea indicates a high level of scientific research and recognition of the Institute of international ophthalmology community.