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March 26, 2015 Views: 256
March 27, 2015 will be an annual scientific-practical conference "Topical issues of treatment of glaucoma". The event is organized by the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases and timed to the world day against of glaucoma, conducted in March.

The main purpose of the event was the advanced training of doctors of the Republic and the delivery of ophthalmology care. The conference will bring together leading ophthalmologists of Russia and Bashkortostan.

Traditionally, the programme of the event will be presented "live surgery" demonstration demonstration operations on implantation of drains in patients with glaucoma of the operating of the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases. During the conference, ophthalmologists will discuss morbidity and disability due to glaucoma, consider modern methods of treatment of glaucoma, get acquainted with the exhibition of contemporary pharmaceutical products and scientific literature.
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Interest eye public to the problem of glaucoma is clear and due to several factors. Taking into consideration the fact that annually falls ill again glaucoma on average, 1 out of 1000 people over the age of 40 years, and the results of the census of 2010, Russia occupies the 7th place in the world in terms of population, one can imagine the extent of disease and the associated consequences. Secondly, glaucoma – severe disease with unclear etiology and complex, still understudied links of pathogenesis. The high incidence and prevalence of glaucoma are correlated with unfavorable indicators of disability. The number of patients with glaucoma injure of the sight in the world to reach 100 million people. Thus of the 28 million blind people in the world, nearly one in five lost his sight in connection with this disease. The absence of complaints of the patient, the difficulty of diagnosis in its early stages, chronic course, leading to the loss of health and disability, as well as significant costs to the patient and the state as a whole allows to speak about glaucoma, as a socio-economic disease.

Address: Ufa, ul avrory, 14.
The conference starts at 13.00 h.
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The press service of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Bashkortostan