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Kayumov Mithat Gaisanova

Dear Muharram Muharemovic! Allow to You personally and all the medical staff to bring appreciation and gratitude for the rendered medical care to restore vision. I – Kayumov Mithat Gaisanova, veteran of labour, from the city of Dyurtyuli, grateful first surgical Department, and also personally surgeon, Rashid Mohammad Zavdatovich, which I did the operation for cataract of the right eye. Thanks to his high qualifications, I received 100% restoration of vision, saw the world through different eyes. He treats patients with strict attention, always polite and correct, and it is important role in relation to the elderly. At discharge from the hospital, he explicitly pointed to the further treatment of this eye, and was appointed to 22.08.2016 surgery on the second eye. I hope to get to Rashid M. J., and get a full recovery and the other eye. Thank You Mohammad Zavdatovich for your invaluable work, I wish you health, success in work, and we hope our communications with you will continue. With respect to you Kayumov M. G. 04.08.2016

Akhmadiyev K. H.

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Fedorov Lidia


I - Fedorov Lidia Ivanovna came to the surgery (cataract) from Neftekamsk. I was tired, alarmed and here is the result: an asthma attack (a fan since childhood) and although not on the profile of the Department, but help me: the anesthesiologist Marat Mugallimovich figured out how to stop the attack and saved me. Such a kind man, the next day came and enquired about my condition. It is felt that man works not for money but for honour and conscience.

Still very much want kind words to say about Dr. Karine Hachaturova. From the first meeting, gives the impression of a sensitive kind person and causes trust, and trust to the doctor for the patient means a lot. And honor and praise her truly Golden pens! All the best to You, Karine Hachaturova!

And yet much, very much good can be said about nurses Farida, Larissa, Natalie, Svetlana and Natalia Lobastova. For their patience, kindness and responsiveness. They for days on end to listen to our moods, soothe, heal us, fulfill our requests. I bow to you, girls! Not curstate heart despite the fact that we are sick there are all sorts: some unbearable. Thank you for your patience!

Fedorov Lidia from Neftekamsk

20 Jul 2016.

Nurislamova, I. H.

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Yakupov N. Sh.

Recently completed testing under the scientific program of an NGO "Kusapin". I'd like to note the organization of examination of patients in the program doctors. Despite their young age, they are very attentive and professional. In the survey were involved in a lot of devices, what I did not expect. In parallel with me the survey was held and the inhabitants of districts of Bashkortostan and the staff acted very quickly, with soul and great responsibility. So I want to thank the entire staff and wish you strength, health, happiness and new creative successes. PS fortunately, with sight all is well. There is a small point that needs special attention and the doctors gave me some recommendations. Sincerely, Yakupov N. Sh.

Davletshina Svetlana



Bushuev Anatoly Sergeyevich

I Express my heartfelt gratitude to all the doctors and honey.the staff of the 1st microsurgery Department, especially doctor Rashid Mohammad Zavdatovich and head of IChO 1 Absaljamov Minulle the Sharafutdinovich. Thanks to them I recovered sight, see everything perfectly. With respect to You, the patient Bushuev A. S.

Ivanova Nadezhda Vyacheslavovna

I, sister Ivanova N. In. and all of my family Express our GRATITUDE to the head of 4-th microsurgical Department of the research Institute "Clinic of eye diseases" Ahtamova Camille nailyevich and the doctor Hulimavu Timur Azatovich for the operation. You brought confidence and hope for regaining sight. Thank You and all the staff of the office for your noble cause! Optimism You good luck and success in your work!

Ivanova Raisa Pavlovna

I Express my gratitude for the reception, care and attention!

Ivanova Raisa Pavlovna

Thank You and Your entire staff for the operation, for the reception and care.

Smirnova Svetlana Alekseevna

On the Day of medical worker I want to sincerely thank Usubov Emin of Lajmanovich! He gave me back sight. The operation was complicated. Was operated on 16 February this year. Thank You, Emin Lajmanovich! Sincerely, Smirnova Svetlana. Member of the Russian SP. Novelist, poet.

Davletshina Svetlana

I, Davletshina I. S., and my family Express our gratitude to the head of 4-th microsurgical Department of the research Institute "Clinic of eye diseases", Ahtamova nailyevich and Camille to the doctor, Gabcikovo Raceme Tazieva for a successful operation (5.05.16, 6.05.16, 10.05.16, 17.05.16, 19.05.16) my very complex eyes, at the diagnosis: total retinal detachment. High level of professionalism, support and attention to patients is inherent not only to them but to all the staff of the Department. Thank you for the miracle that makes this team every day.

Utkin Eugeny A.

I am very grateful to Mr Guriyev. He revealed to me a second wind. It was a freezing January evening, it was already dark. I decided to pop up not long on the street, the light turned and hastily ran to protruding from the tree branch. A sharp stabbing pain, I thought promotheus, rubbed her eyes with her hand. Then he looked at the lantern burning in the distance, and he swam a big flare the size of a fan. I immediately rushed to TRAVMPUNKT, from there I napravili in Chelyabinsk. I myself live in Miass, 200 km away from there. There I have put the erosion of the cornea and sent home, like alive and well. I patiently waited to heal and disappear annoying glare as much as 5 months and decided to go to Ufa, where the year before Rustem Maratovich saved me from -4,5 to myopia (LASIK). On initial examination I immediately said, and why not just arrived. In General, all overgrown and healed... wrong. But I this day sent for surgery. In a few moments I was spared of the ill-fated light. Joy has no boundaries. I am very grateful to Dr. Bikbulatova the Rustem Maratovich. He is a real ophthalmologist who can solve any problem with the eyes. Thank you

Makarova Olga Andreevna, Ishmaeva Lyudmila Petrovna

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Gilfanova Alfiya Bayanovna

My daughter had serious problems with vision. The case was heavy and irregular. Were very many specialists in different medical institutions, a positive result was not. When applied to Your clinic, we visited and advised the head of the Department of vitreoretinal and laser surgery Faizrakhmanov Rinat Rustamovich. He helped us a lot: listened, all you had to do did explained. Very considerate, humane doctor, accepts the pain of others as their own, finds the right individual approach to patients, a doctor from God. Laser bonding has made Salamov Rustam Habibovich – high professional . My daughter told me how wonderful he doctor, how skillfully communicated during the procedure, reassuring. After explained everything to my daughter and myself, gave detailed recommendations. My daughter as a future doctor admired their professionalism. A huge thank you to them for their kindness, for the treatment, laborious and noble work. Congratulations on the coming professional holiday. We wish you health, happiness, all the best and success! Sincerely, Alfiya Gilfanova Banovina, Liliana.

Gatina T. V., Gatiatova S. A., Hodieva S. F., Valiev, R. A.

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Gitnikov Inislam Abisalovich

I gitnikov Inislam Abisalovich from 25 to 30 may was on treatment in hospital of the first microsurgical Department with the diagnosis: OU Incomplete complicated cataract, diabetic angioretinopathia. For their treatment, recovery, and restoration of vision 100% I want to Express my gratitude and appreciation to his doctor Rashid M. J., respect, empathy and warmth of head. Department Absaljamov M. S. and the entire staff of the Department, namely; the guards, the nurses, the attending nurses, the sister-mistress, the sisters in charge of food and waiter staff. Thank you doctors for your professionalism, for what you give people light and joy to see. Thank you for waiting staff for your kindness, courtesy, sensitivity, respect, home environment and tolerance of the patient. On behalf of all patients who were hospitalized from 23 to 30 may 2016 in the first microsurgical Department.. Sitnikov G. A.

Dumpling Lyudmila Veniaminovna


Kandrova Alfira Khanifovna

There was a reception.Thank you very much doctor and the nurse. Everything is accessible and clearly stated

Biryukova Ludmil G.

I would like to Express my gratitude on behalf of my elderly parents Biryukova, Galina Nikolaevna (24.09.1940 G. R.) and Biryukova Gennady Ivanovich ( 20.11.1938 G. R.) Junior medical personnel of the ophthalmological Department Ufrii eye diseases in Aurora 14 , whose work remains invisible, but plays an important primary role in the delivery of health care. In October 2015 my parents took a survey on the scientific project Kusapin in the Institute, and was very touched by the careful, sensitive attitude of the younger honey.staff to patients beginning on the very threshold of clinic. At the reception met a cute, friendly girls ( med.the Registrar Akchurina Rita B. and Sharipova Registrar RESEDA Airtown) , very calmly and thoroughly explained what procedures and in which offices need. Everything was organized very convenient, no queues, nervousness. Friendliness, staff participation was felt from the first minute. And it is so important for us, elderly people, already have a lot of "sores" and unfortunately, unaccustomed to attention. I would especially like to thank and mention a nurse treatment room Nazmutdinovu Rita R. for her Golden hands and the ability to reassure the patient. Blood sampling from a vein for my mom - always a problem and a serious excitement. And here – a friendly smile, friendly, warm atmosphere in the office. Calm and confident nurses had imperceptibly passed to the mother, to Vienna she went the first time, the pain almost was not. One word - professional! And most importantly: a good attitude to the patient is the key to successful treatment. Thank You, Rita R. Rita, B., RESEDA Auratone! I also Express my gratitude to the management and staff of the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases for this recruitment of highly qualified employees that possess the highest professionalism, respect for patients, compassion and attention, the ability to cheer, inspire faith in a successful treatment outcome.