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Outpatient Reception

450008, Ufa, Pushkina str, 90, polyclinic (building №2) 1st floor, reception
Phone: +7(347) 286-53-03, mon-Fri 7.30-18.45, Saturday from 9.00-13.00, sun. - output

The Department carries out ambulatory reception of the self-supporting primary admission, outpatient consultations of doctors and candidates of medical Sciences, excimer laser and contact vision correction.

The Department is a skilled ophthalmologic help:
- on a voluntary basis,
- when providing eye care to citizens of other countries, stateless persons,
- on other terms than those stipulated by the program of state guarantees of free rendering to citizens of medical aid.

To provide quality eye care to conduct the necessary instrumental, laboratory and hardware research using modern methods of examination of patients.

Patients after taking the readings are sent for treatment in the office of the Institute or receive recommendations for treatment by place of residence.

The list of documents for further advice:
- The document proving the identity. Patient age 18 years.
List of documents and analyses for ambulatory surgery-financing (perhaps the surgical treatment on the same day):
- The document proving the identity,
- KLA, OAM, blood sugar, PETIT, coagulation (shelf life 2 weeks)
- the blood analysis on RW, HIV, Hbs Ag, HCV (shelf life 3months.)
- General practitioner with the results of ECG (shelf life 1 month).
- the conclusion of an ENT of the doctor
- finally, the dentist (shelf life 1 month).,
- photo x-rays (expiration 1 year)

After conducted on self-financing operations, the patient is issued:
Statement with recommendations for postoperative treatment under the supervision of an ophthalmologist at the place of residence,
- Documents for refund of income tax of the transaction amount (working citizens)

The unit includes:
- Clinics and outpatient centres
- Clinics laser vision correction
- The Cabinet of contact correction of vision
- The Cabinet of functional diagnostics

The price list of paid medical services

href="http://www.ufaeyeinstitute.ru/patient/paid-services/mode-and-schedule-of-work-of-medical-staff-involved-in-the-provision-of-paid-medical-services.php">staff work Schedule
The order of payment of medical services
Addresses and telephone numbers of departmental organizations
A list of health professionals providing paid medical services