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Sagadatova Naila L. M.

  • Должность: Head of scientific-educational Department

450008, Ufa, Pushkina str, 90 Phone: +7 (347) 272-33-61 E-mail: obrotdel@yandex.ru Area of work: main and additional post-graduate education for physicians   Types of training: Refresher courses: General improvement (certification) - 144 hours (4 weeks) themati Подробнее c advanced training – 72 hours (2 weeks) phacoemulsification of the cataract. WETLAB – 72 hours (2 weeks) professional retraining the on the job training (internship) on various topics November 5, 2014 on the basis of the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases was the opening of new modern educational laboratory for school for the practical training of ophthalmologists technique of ultrasonic cataract surgery (phacoemulsification). The laboratory is equipped with modern operating microscopes, phacoemulsification latest generation "Infiniti", "Laureate" (Alcon), a video system with a monitor for monitoring the work of the interns, a set of microsurgical instruments, artificial lenses and high-quality viscoelastics. Training in WETLAB Ufa research Institute of eye diseases is conducted at the highest technical and pedagogical level in the thematic cycles of training. Lectures during the loop over all sections and questions phacoemulsification is read by leading experts of the Institute, the students present at the operations in the operating unit of the clinic, is also broadcast "live surgery". Training simulators provide an opportunity to simulate the real surgical operation, but as the object of surgery used the eyes of animals. For ophthalmologists, who need to renew or update the certificate of the expert, Ufa research Institute of eye diseasesconducted refresher courses for General improvement in the volume of 144 hours (4 weeks). On completion of the course the certification exam can be arranged with the issuance of the specialist certificate is installed MOH sample. Certification exam in Ufa research Institute of eye diseases can pass and those who trained at other bases. Courses of thematic improvement in the amount of 72 hours (2 weeks) are suggested for ophthalmologists who want to obtain new and in-depth knowledge on any particular section of ophthalmology. For cases when the doctor-the ophthalmologist I worked for over 5 years and there was a need to restore the certificate, provided professional training. Ophthalmologists wishing to learn from the practical experience of specialists of the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases with the development of new methods of diagnosis and treatment, a separate surgical procedure, you can pass individual on the job training in any branch of the Institute (diagnostic, medical, surgical). In Ufa research Institute of eye diseases developed the first and only domestic Uplink apparatus for ultraviolet irradiation of the cornea and has a unique experience of its application in various diseases of the cornea. The doctors are given the opportunity to learn this technique, having listened to the theoretical material, and watching a demonstration operation (on the job training on "corneal Crosslinkingcollagen in diseases of the cornea"). Scientific and educational unit on the basis of the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases regularly organizes for of ophthalmologists of the Republic of Bashkortostan field certification cycles, which is taught by the staff of the leading departments of ophthalmology of the Russian Federation (from Moscow, St.-Petersburg).  Teachers are scientists and doctors of the Institute, of which 8 are doctors of Sciences, 35 candidates of Sciences, 38 doctors of the highest qualification category. All the teachers combine educational activities with practical and scientific work. Students are provided equipped classrooms, the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of all clinical and research departments UF Institute of GB, as well as access to the operating room. While studying, you can use the library of the Institute, where a wide selection of Russian and foreign literature, Internet access. The training program included basic knowledge and skills, and information about the latest achievements of modern ophthalmology, as well as about their own development of the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases. UV NII GB is the center, where the most areas of ophthalmology. Therefore, cadets have the opportunity to listen to each topic directly from the teacher that devotes itself to exactly this direction at the Institute.         Скрыть