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excimer laser vision correction

            Method laser vision correction Lasik, appeared in 1989. It is currently the most popular worldwide. According to the method of Lasik medical centres and clinics in 45 countries. Over the last ten years have been made worldwide more than 15 million corrections.

            Lasik is a combination of microsurgical and excimer laser technology. During laser correction using a special device — microkeratome, which first creates a flap of corneal tissue that is folded aside and the laser treatment is performed on the inner layers of the cornea. After laser eye vision is getting better due to the fact that the laser creates a new shape of the cornea is a natural lens of our eye, because of which she starts to refract the light rays, they are focused on the retina and the image is clear.

LASIK-Cornea2.png LASIK-Cornea3.png LASIK-Cornea4.png

In Ufa research Institute of eye diseases for the correction of vision are the most advanced excimer laser system.

 round trips laser vision correction system Tecnolas 217Z100P (Germany) is a complex that combines  diagnostics, plan and conduct laser vision correction in a single unit through a computer network. 

Zyoptix Advanced Control Eyetreacking (ACE) is a dynamic system, the tracking of eye movements during the operation that tracks and simultaneously adjusts the position of the laser beam across the ablation surface processing.
The exact beam ablation is important not only for correction of existing astigmatism or high order aberrations. Correction areas also needs high accuracy beam ablation, ie, ASE-technology, which ensures that the laser determines the correct position of the object, thereby reducing inaccuracies in the correction of the displacement of the eyeball.

ZYOPTIX® Advanced Personalized correction (MOUTH) – High quality vision

ZYOPTIX® Advanced Personalized vision Correction (of the MOUTH) is the best algorithm of all is developed for laser Technolas Zyoptix. This is a new algorithm which eliminates the higher order aberration without spherical initiation. The MOUTH is applied for myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism using the Advanced Nomogram, which significantly reduces the recall rate of correction to less than 1% .

ZYOPTIX® Transkranialna correction  (TS) for hyperopia.

ZYOPTIX® Transkranialna correction gives the surgeon the opportunity safely to increase the number of patients who would like to have correction Lasik, but have a contraindication thin cornea. Transkranialna technology was Originally developed for the correction of myopia and astigmatism, now this technology is available also for the correction of hyperopia.

ZYOPTIX® Aspheric correction
Reducing induced spherical aberration, the Aspheric ablation algorithm preserves the natural aspheric shape of the cornea, resulting in improved quality of night vision patients.