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Department of Outpatient Surgery

Address: 14, Avrory str., Ufa, 450008, hospital, building 1, 1st floor.
Phone: +7(347) 255-31-12

The outpatient surgery Department performs the self-supporting reception. The Department is a skilled ophthalmologic help:

  • on a voluntary basis,
  • when providing eye care to citizens of other countries, stateless persons,
  • on other terms than those stipulated by the program of state guarantees of free rendering to citizens of medical aid.

To provide quality eye care to conduct the necessary tool and hardware researches with application of modern methods of examination of patients, referral of patients to treatment at the hospital replacing technologies in the laser unit (450092, Ufa, ul avrory, 14, medical building, 1st floor). Performed outpatient consultations of doctors and candidates of medical Sciences, performed vision correction by excimer laser exposure.

Department of surgery:

In the Department of ambulatory surgery uses a wide range of ophthalmic care, ranging from surgical interventions on the nasal apparatus of the eyes, ending vitreoretinal operations.

The availability of modern diagnostic equipment, operating equipment and trained highly specialized experts (doctors of Sciences, candidates of Sciences, doctors of higher category) allows you to provide expert specialized care at a high level when any of the various diseases of the organ of vision.

The Department staff are:

Surgical treatment of cataract: Phacoemulsification or clear lens extraction, femtosecond laser phacoemulsification or clear lens extraction with implantation of artificial lens leading foreign and domestic manufacturers.

Phacoemulsification is the removal of the cataract with an ultrasonic probe by crushing and suction through a micro-incision (2.2 mm). Using the same microcut introduces an artificial lens in place of the removed using a special syringe – injector.

Stage ultrasonic
removal of own
substance of the lens

IOL implantation
with the help of an injector

Implanted IOL
in the capsular bag

The patient's eyes with Mature cataract

Eye after the produced ultrasonic phacoemulsification of cataract with IOL implanted.

Instructions for patients after undergoing surgery for cataract

Surgery on the nasal apparatus of the eyes:

  • Removal of pterygium in all degrees of difficulty
  • Removal of tumors eyelid skin with the plastic
  • Removal of tumors of the conjunctiva of the eyeApple
  • Elimination of inversion
  • Elimination of inversion
  • The removal of blepharochalasis
  • The removal of chalazion
  • Irrigation of lacrimal ducts
  • The activation of lacrimal punctum
  • Electro-laserepilation eyelashes
  • Transcanalicular laser dacryocystorhinostomy

Vitreoretinal operations:

  • Seamless microinvasive vitrectomy (25 G)
  • Seamless microinvasive vitrectomy (25 G) with tamponade vitreal cavity of the gas-air mixture
  • Seamless microinvasive vitrectomy (25 G) with tamponade vitreal cavity performancesin connection
  • Revision of vitreous cavity tamponade with gas-air mixture
  • Revision of vitreous cavity tamponade with silicone oil
  • Revision of vitreous cavity tamponade performancesin connection
  • Vitrectomy with membranectomy
  • Intravitreal injection of drugs
Conservative treatment of patients.


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