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Research Department

Babushkin Alexander Eduardovich

  • Должность: Head of research Department, doctor of medical science, ophthalmologist of the highest category

The main activities of the Institute are scientific research of applied and fundamental character with the introduction of modern methods, technologies and tools to solve problems of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of congenital and acquired diseases of the eye. A prerequisite is the close co Подробнее nnection between scientific achievements and their practical implementation. The Department provides coordination of research projects of the scientific departments of the Institute of medicine of the cornea and lens, vitreoretinal and laser surgery, each of which in accordance with the work plan of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan performs research with focus on development of innovative technologies. The most important task of the Department is to bring scientific ideas (inventions) of employees to a practical result with the purpose of commercialization of intellectual property scholars of the Institute. This area of work is carried out in close cooperation with the scientific-production Department. Planning and carrying out research at a high level, adoption of advances in ophthalmic science and their own scientific developments into practical health care, a constant exchange of experience on national and international forums, an international scientific-practical conferences with participation of scientists of near and far abroad provide high quality deliver eye care to the population of the Republic of Bashkortostan and patients from various regions of the Russian Federation. Скрыть


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