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Methods of laser vision correction


To date, the most effective, safe and perfect is a method of vision correction Femto-LASIK

What are the benefits of the new technology and what it means "Femto"?

                 vision correction Femtosecond laser (Femto-lasik) — the latest technique of laser vision correction. Such unique features of the technique Femto-lasik, to date has not had none of the known methods of laser vision correction. Femtosecond lasers emit optical pulses of extremely short duration (10-15). These ultrashort pulses do not transmit heat or a blow to the material being cut and can make surgical incisions with extreme precision.femto-lasik.jpg
                More than 75 % of leading ophthalmologists in the world prefer the method of laser vision correction Femto Lasik this method already successfully completed more than 1.5 million surgeries. The main difference of the new methods  laser vision correction from the standard is the way the corneal flap. In the process of conducting Femto Lasik this procedure is performed with the femtosecond laser, which generates a uniform thickness of the flap. The constancy of the thickness of the flap eliminates the likelihood of higher-order aberrations due to the effect of inhomogeneous refraction, allows to increase the safety of the procedure, significantly shorten the rehabilitation period, achieve a thank new characteristics of the contrast and sharpness of vision.


advantages of Femto-Lasik compared to Lasik.

- The use of femtolazer for the formation of a corneal flap (flap) in the first phase of the operation allows to FLEP more accurate diameter and thickness than when using  a mechanical microkeratome.
- Creates  a more extensive area of  the stromal bed, i.e. the working area for the exposure to excimer laser, which is especially important in the correction of hyperopia and astigmatism and high myopia.
- More stable visual functions in the correction of high myopia (higher than 6 dioptres).
- Aberration of the cornea high order after Femto Lasik less pronounced than after Lasik, which approaches the refractive ability of the eye to the characteristics of an ideal optical device.
- Biomechanical properties of the cornea are reduced to a lesser extent compared to Lasik.

Ufa research Institute of eye diseases with the most modern equipment to carry out laser vision correction – laser principle:
 Ziemer Femto LDV (Switzerland), VICTUS Femtosecond Laser Platform (Germany).

Femto LDV Z8.jpg

Ziemer Femto LDV (Switzerland)

The work is conducted at a low energy (<100нДж) with very short pulses and high frequency(>5MHz). Due to this, the point size and the amount of energy used for formation of the corneal flap significantly less than other femtosecond lasers.
Such effect is sufficient to divide tissue without causing excessive damaging influences.
Accurate optics, customized laser sources and fast scanning to create a focused beam of laser pulses overlapping. This yields a smooth, homogeneous cut.

the the
 Femto LDV Z8 2.jpg   Femto LDV Z8 1.jpg
 overlapping pulses
 leave "tissue bridges"
   the Technology of drawing overlapping
 pulse FEMTO LDV provides for the formation of
 the ideal Lodge no "tissue bridges"

Advantages Ziemer Femto LDV:

• the Flaps are easily lifted 
• Best quality stromal bed, providing a minimum of aberrations of the optical system in the postoperative period.
• Minimum number of complications (transient light syndrome, blurred due to the bubble layer, lamellar stromal keratitis)

VICTUS Femtosecond Laser Platform (Germany) 

CL72451-a.jpgVictus has many functional benefits. Among them are: the pulse duration of 290 femtoseconds, a pulse frequency of 160 kHz, the combination of procedures on the cornea and the lens, built-in high-speed OST updated sensor design of pressure distribution, reduced compression of the eye during surgery, the enhanced contact surface of the cone and the particular design of the locker (interface) etc.  Due to these and many other functional capabilities of this device greatly facilitates the work of surgeons, improve the efficiency of treatments and patient comfort.

Operation can be recommended only in the absence of contraindications for laser vision correction!

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