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Department of Physiotherapy

14, Avrory str., Ufa, 450092
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Physiotherapy Department of the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases provides treatment of eye diseases and rehabilitation of patients after surgeries and injuries physical factors: electromagnetic fields, currents, ultrasound, light, including low intensity (therapeutic) laser radiation. Along with hardware treatment conducted training of visual functions aimed at removing spasm of accommodation, the development of the eye muscles, restore binocular vision. In the office receiving treatment for the patients of all ages, 80% of them children.

Contact: 14, Avrory str., Ufa, 450092, main entrance, ground floor surgical building, turn in the direction of the laser treatment, physiotherapy room No. 1.
To have a conclusion of the precinct ophthalmologist or ophthalmologist Pediatric clinic Ufa research Institute of eye diseases, for electrooptically cleared by a neurologist. The direction of the private clinics is valid.
The treatment begins on the same day without an appointment.
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New devices physiotherapy

Device for training of binocular vision by the method of Professor Kashchenko T. P. "MIRAGE". Intended for the treatment of concomitant strabismus in the period of formation of disturbed binocular vision. Classes on the unit contribute to the restoration betweening merging using sequential negative images according to the method of Professor T. P. Kashchenko.


 Apparatus for treatment of amblyopia by the method of blinding of photostimulation with the formation of a coherent image of "AMBLIOCOR". Intended for the treatment of amblyopia, functional underdevelopment of the retina and improve visual acuity of the amblyopic eye in individuals with strabismus.

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The physiotherapeutic apparatus "AMO-ATOS-e" is designed for combined transcranial magnetic therapy and electrical stimulation (mesodiencephalic modulation), treatment of diseases in adults and children to enable the regulatory structures of the brain in particular hypothalamic-limbic system. In ophthalmology used to treat CASN, glaucoma.


 Monobinoscope MBS-02 designed for prevention, diagnostics, restorative therapy and treatment of functional visual disorders type of amblyopia, strabismus, nystagmus, progressing myopia and visual fatigue.

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 Eye care musselcracker"SACCADES" is designed to train eye muscles in different meridians with the aim of restoring their functions, treatment of amblyopia of high degree, exercise eye muscles paresis.

Device-the prefix "CASCADE" is designed to correct disorders of refraction associated with the visual fatigue and spasm of accommodation, treatment of lung disorders of binocular vision, and amblyopia of different etiologies

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A laser apparatus for diagnosis and recovery of binocular vision "FORBIS" is the unit for investigation and recovery (workout) binocular vision at close distances (33 cm). The main purpose is the study of binocular functions at a close distance and diploptic treatment of strabismus, asthenopia, diplopia, dysfunction of the accommodative apparatus of the eye.

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