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Laser vision correction will rid you of points

Known glasses change a person's appearance, distorting the visible space, restrict peripheral vision, clouded. Contact lenses lack many of these disadvantages but have their own. First, contact lenses for eye - foreign object. The cornea beneath them "tired" and swells. The daily process of putting on and taking off lenses causes microtrauma eye. Wearing the lenses can cause the development of various diseases of the cornea. Many people who seemingly could do without glasses or contact lenses, they give them up. This is not surprising - after all, these accessories just help you to see well. They don't solve the situation completely. Therefore, excimer laser correction has its indisputable advantages - it returns good vision.

Today the technological development in medicine and ophthalmology allows us to eliminate diseases such as nearsightedness or farsightedness, but also astigmatism and presbyopia (the need for wearing reading glasses after age 40) with a laser. The most popular methods of vision correction are Lasik and Femto-Lasik.

Laser vision correction is an outpatient procedure, usually performed on both eyes. After a few days the patient can start his normal life.

During laser correction affects one of the refractive optical media of the eye — the cornea. The change of its shape, due to this, the image focuses on the retina as it should be. High security and modern excimer-laser systems of the latest generation made the correction procedure simple andavailable to almost everyone. Of course, we must not forget that like any method, laser correction has some limitations. Therefore, prior to surgery, each patient must undergo comprehensive diagnostic testing of visual system, which allows not only to detect refractive errors and to make an accurate diagnosis, but also to verify the absence of contraindications.

In the case of contraindications for laser vision correction the possibility of applying alternative methods:

  • clear lens extraction with implantation of intraocular lenses

  • implantation of corneal ring MYORING

In each case, the patient selected and recommended the most suitable, effective and safe method of correction.

Consultation and the surgery laser vision correction performed by qualified physicianswith experience of working abroad.