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African Ophthalmologists' Session

18 May 2023, Thursday 07:49 Просмотров: 238

Dear colleagues,

We're happy to announce the delegates from Ethiopia, Mauritius and Madagascar who will be presenting their talks at the Conference "EAST-WEST 2023".

Zelalem Eshetu (Medical Director -Biruh Vision Eye Speciality Center, Addis Ababa)

Tiliksew Teshome (Head of Department of Ophthalmology - Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa)

Dereje Negussie Woyessa (Director - Nisir Specialized Eye Clinic & Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology - Addis Ababa University Addis Ababa)

Solofo Georges Jean Mamert (Chief of Ophthalmology - Institut de la Vision, Antananarivo)

Jugoo Asha Anishta Devi (Senior Specialist - MOKA Eye Hospital)

Toofanny Videsh Kumar (Senior Specialist - MOKA Eye Hospital)