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  4. In Ufa there passes the international conference on ophthalmic surgery "East-West".BASHINFORM

In Ufa there passes the international conference on ophthalmic surgery "East-West".BASHINFORM

22 April 2010, Thursday 00:00 Просмотров: 786

The forum's programme is ambitious. In addition to practical part of the "Live surgery", which organizes ophthalmic surgery, it includes various symposiums, courses and seminars, the exhibition of products of pharmaceutical companies, new technologies for surgery, medical equipment.

— Modern medicine is developing very dynamically, we have to keep pace with the times, to know and be able to navigate the latest developments of our colleagues – this is the main goal of all scientific conferences, — says Director of the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan (Ufrii GB an RB) Muharram Bikbov.

Muharram Muharemovic believes that over the past few years the specialists of the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases has made great strides and reached a new, global research level:

— Today the development of Bashkir ophthalmologists are in demand worldwide. They know they are, listen to them. And most importantly — we really have something to share with colleagues.

So, according to the ophthalmologist, the particular interest of most participants is the fact that the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases renders their services to residents of Bashkortostan for free at the expense of the Republican budget. This practice is not applied in any other region of Russia.

The number of patients, the Institute increases every year. According to the latest data only for 2009 in the Ufa Institute of eye diseases was conducted on 23 thousand operations. For comparison: in 2006 this figure was 10 thousand operations per year. A lot of hope and inspire the following figures: if in the first quarter of last year Ufrii produced 4500 of operations, this year the figure has reached 6500.

And still our main advantage is not the quantity of work done and its quality. We have now reached such a level that our patients are discharged on the second or third day after surgery, noted Muharram Bikbov.

Ufa ophthalmologists also plan to tell the guests about the national program, thanks to which the usingspecialists Ufrii unable to residents of the most remote villages of the Republic.

The specific character of our profession is that the prevailing number of patients of the Institute is the elderly and children. Most of them cannot travel to the capital to receive the qualified help of doctors, says the Director Ufrii eye diseases. In this regard, the President of the Republic Murtaza Rakhimov, we began to organize visits of our specialists to remote villages. In less than a year of implementation of this program by the staff of the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases was consulted and operated about 2,500 people.

Very happy to have the opportunity of personal communication with colleagues from different countries ophthalmologists from India. They arrived at an international conference in Ufa, consisting of four employees the first.

— Travel always learn and see a lot, but a press conference is a useful exchange of experience. We heard that in Ufa make a lot of operations, we would like to know the secret of such a fruitful work, — said the Indian guests.

We add that the international scientific-practical conference on ophthalmic surgery "East-West" will be held in Ufa in the building of the Congress hall on 22 and 23 April.