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Optical coherence tomography. How to: the manual / B. Lumbroso, M. Rispoli, 2014. - 208 with



1. Practical recommendations on obtaining a clear and clinically informative OCT images Standard analysis of optical coherence tomography grayscale Averaging the Scanning of en face Segmentation Analysis of progression, in monitoring the course of disease Artifacts on images with Standard print the results

2. The basics of normal anatomy and Skeleton of the retina: horizontal and vertical structure

3. Logical methods of interpretation of OCT: analysis, synthesis and deduction. Analysis of optical coherence tomography Synthesis and deduction Qualitative analysis Quantitative analysis

4. Analysis of three-dimensional images and sections en face

5. Synthesis and deduction of the Images obtained by optical coherence tomography evaluation of the results of optical coherence tomography Clinical data not directly related to the OCT process for the synthesis of Deduction of the Difficulties and dangers of synthesis

6. Elementary changes of the OCT a List of elementary changes, changes in the contour of the retina of the Cavity of the retina and choroid Dense formations and sediment thickness Change of the retinal layers Changes the outer layers of the retina and pigment epithelium Changes of the choroid

7. Ocular syndromes and diseases common JUN-syndromes and disorders of the Pathology of vitreoretinal interface May epiteliopatia and Other common maculopathy of Epitheliopathy retinal Vascular epiteliopatia Venous occlusion Injury OCT at less frequent syndromes Pathology of the optic nerve Inflammatory diseases of the eye: chorioretinitis, uveitis, parasitos

8. Analysis and interpretation of combined pathology

9. Glaucoma scanning Protocols for glaucoma Optovue-RTVue 100 scanning Protocols for glaucoma Zeiss Cirrus Protocolsscanning at Heidelberg Spectralis glaucoma the Diagnosis of glaucoma

10. OCT in diseases of the nervous system Alzheimer's Disease Multiple sclerosis Concluding remarks