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The leadership of the Journal contains an extensive list of surgical operations and manipulations in ophthalmology in clear, easily reproducible format. Cover the basic and most frequently performed ophthalmologic procedure. Each Chapter introduces Chi


This publication is a summary of the work of the authors — employees of the St. Petersburg branch of Federal state institution "IRTC eye microsurgery" named after academician S. N. Fedorova, Institute of endocrinology northwestern Medical University named after I. I. Mechnikov. The authors set themselves the task to cover in one publication the whole range of problems of diagnosis and treatment of ocular manifestations of diabetes, such as diabetic retinopathy, diabetic cataract, and secondary neovascular glaucoma diabetic origin, as well as give ophthalmologist the necessary information about diabetes as a General disease. The book is used as the data of literature on the issues and the results of years of research the authors of the monograph.

The book is intended primarily for young doctors, interns, clinical residents and postgraduate students as a textbook on the subject, as well as for a wide range of ophthalmologists wishing to deepen or refresh their knowledge on diagnosis and treatment of patients with ocular manifestations of diabetes.