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Bikbov M. M., Shevchuk N. E. Malhanov V. B. cytokines in clinical ophthalmology

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Bikbov M. M., Shevchuk N. E. Malhanov V. B.
Cytokines in clinical ophthalmology.- Ufa, GU "Ufa research Institute of eye diseases" an RB, GUP RB "Ufa polygraphic plant", 2008.- 152 p. Il.

The monograph is devoted to studying the role of cytokines in the pathogenesis of most common and severe diseases of the eye, such as herpetic keratitis, adenoviral and chlamydial conjunctivitis, uveitis, retinal detachment. Presents data on dynamics of changes of cytokine levels in serum, tear fluid of patients with ophthalmopathy, the levels of cytokines in intraocular fluids of the anterior chamber, the subretinal fluid of patients in some operations. The reader will be interested to see the influence of surgery on local and systemic cytokine production when dacryocystitis, congenital and traumatic cataract, retinal detachment. Specific recommendations for the use of determining the concentration of cytokines in blood serum and tear fluid to predict the clinical course of some diseases of the eye. Important is the use of immunomodulators in complex therapy and their impact on the level of production in the complex therapy and their effects on cytokine production. Special attention is paid to discussion of the main directions of modern cytokine and anti-cytokine therapy in different types of ophthalmological diseases.
This monograph is intended for ophthalmologists and General practitioners, and all professionals interested in theoretical and applied immunology, in particular, the study of cytokines.