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Point of view.East-West: scientific journal / edited by M. M. Bikbov: – 2014, № 2.


From the editor

Dear colleagues! The second issue of the journal "Point of view. East-West" was created in conjunction with ophthalmologists in the Volga-Vyatka region. It published materials of the Jubilee scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Kirov clinical ophthalmologic hospital. The main purpose of the magazine is to familiarize ophthalmologists with the results of the studies of different scientific schools on topical issues of ophthalmology. I hope that the journal will be of interest to specialists, will allow them to learn about the latest developments in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the eye, will be helpful to the growth of theirprofessional level, will provide an opportunity for interesting discussions and exchange of experience. The editorial Board of the journal "Point of view. East-West" is waiting for interesting work to publish, is ready to continue to cooperate with various regions of our country, making the materials of international and regional conferences and seminars.

                                  M. M. Bikbov, MD, Professor,
chief editor of the magazine "Point of view. East – West"

DSCN3915-ред.JPGDear colleagues! This year our hospital celebrates its 15th anniversary. We were not very big, but very informative and interesting segment of the path – ways of development and creation eye care in the region. Since the creation of the Kirov clinical ophthalmological hospital, the main principle of its activity was the innovation. In other words, the introduction into clinical practice of the latest achievements of world ophthalmology. Medical science is, first and foremost, a creative analysis of his clinical experience, sharing this experience with colleagues from other clinics, with the goal of improving patient outcomes. That's why doctors Kirov clinical ophthalmological hospital is actively present papers at various ophthalmology forums in Russia and abroad. Especially valuable for the practice of the experience of neighbouring hospitals, because the working conditions in the region are very similar. We believe that close cooperation and good neighborliness between specialized medical institutions – the key to a successful fight against eye diseases in the region and throughout the country. So every two years we invite our neighbors to discuss the problems of ophthalmic science and practice at the forum, "Good neighbors". We are confident that submitted in the log will give an idea about the status of ophthalmology inVolgo-Vyatsky district and the Volga Federal district and will be useful for practitioners.

                      Chuprov, A. D., doctor of medical Sciences,
the chief physician of MUSES "the Kirov clinical ophthalmological hospital"