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the Institute provides graduate and postgraduate education of health personnel*:

*Information on current levels of education, forms of education, normative training time, etc.

Form of study, standard duration:

The form of training, the target dates for additional professional education are defined in accordance with the schedule of cycles.

Form of study, standard duration on higher professional education (the license for the right of conducting educational activity No. 2388 dated 15 September 2016):

  • Fellowship: full-time studies - 3 years (60 ects credits for one academic year, only 180), the correspondence form of training - 4 years (total 180 credits).

*In accordance with the order of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation dated 19.11.2013 g.   No. 1259 "On approval of the Procedure of organization and implementation of educational activity on educational programs of higher education – programs of training of teaching staff in graduate school (the graduate school).

The training is conducted in Russian.

Educational programs
Information on the number of students on ongoing educational programs at the expense of budgetary appropriations of the Federal budget, budgets of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, local budgets and contracts on education at the expense of physical and (or) legal entities:



Information on the number of students in professional programs:


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