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Eye injury / ed.: R. A. Gundorova, V. V. Neroev, V. V. Kashnikov, 2014. - 560 p


PART I. Injuries of the orbit, the subsidiary bodies of the eye and eyeball Chapter 1. Trauma to the orbit and accessory organs of the eye Chapter 2. Surgical methods of treatment of penetrating wounds of the eye Chapter 3. Penetrating wounds of the eyeball with the introduction of foreign bodies Chapter 4. General principles of conservative treatment of penetrating wounds of the eye PART II. Complications of wound healing Chapter 5. Intraocular wound infection Chapter 6. Post-traumatic leukoma of the cornea Chapter 7. Traumatic cataract Chapter 8. Post-traumatic changes of the vitreous in Chapter 9. Post-traumatic glaucoma Chapter 10. Hyphema and traumatic hemophthalmus Chapter 11. Traumatic retinal detachment. Chapter 12. Sympathetic ophthalmia Chapter 13. Post-traumatic subatrophy of the eyeball Part III. Contusion of eye (trauma to the eye) Chapter 14. The pathogenesis of contusion eye injuries Chapter 15. The clinical picture of contusion eye injuries Chapter 16. Diagnostics of the functional state of the organ of vision in the concussion of the eyeball Chapter 17. Treatment of a contusion of the eyeball Part IV. The removal of the eye. Ocular prosthetics and actoprotective Chapter 18. Eye prosthesis