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F. Anna

Thank you Lily for Ilosone how it works! For her approach, kindness and, of course, professionalism! I met this wonderful doctor in the fall of 2016 for a further selection of hard lenses, it not only qualitatively picked up my lenses, but advised me in the future on all questions by phone or email. Nice when you can ask a question and know that you will answer, will help you understand. And in the spring of 2017 Lilia Ilysova did my surgery and very carefully watched me the whole postoperative period. Thanks for such a procedure, thanks for the research Institute makes such operations and find ways of treatment of rare eye diseases. I have a rare disease keratoconus, which we have in Magnitogorsk not even all the ophthalmologists I know! And yet, after much clarification of diagnosis I was faced with the despair and not knowing where to go, what to do... Addressed the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases and immediately calmed down as realized that here I was in good hands! I have left a lasting impression on the doctors from the equipment, from how everything is harmoniously, honed and clearly works, ranging from security guards and cleaners, ending with the surgeons and doctors! I advise all of the Ufa scientific research Institute, I am delighted with the level of professionalism. I will always remember with warmth in my soul the whole Institute, and especially Lily Ilosone! =)

Bulat Shakirov Rafailovich Dyurtyuli

A big thank you to all the doctors, surgeons for their hard, but noble work. Wish more success, less complex diagnoses, new degrees, take care of your health. A big thank you to all the staff of the fourth floor of the HO that the Aurora 14. Special thanks to all the girls surgical unit. They are real sisters, as sisters, thank you for your patience, kindness, attention, you are SUPER Thank you all!

Aygul Khasanova Irekovna


Iskhakov Farit Professor


Macht Sabina Rafik

Hello! I would like to thank Rustem Maratovich, to say that this doctor really from nature. Sensitive, caring and knows his business. Cases had a cataract operation, everything went very well and I see everything in bright colors, and most importantly accurately!!! He not only skillfully conducted the operation, but also helped with the selection of the lens, so I see far away and read without glasses,and the price of those lenses that give a single result, or to see far or near! Not enough scrapping my gratitude, but thank you very much! Good health to you health, prosperity and achievement of new horizons in your work! Success always in all your endeavors You and Your team

Kurdyumov Irina Sergeevna

Hello! I sincerely Express my gratitude for the cataract operation on 18 January 2017. The operation was conducted Orenburkina Olga Ivanovna. Great responsive Professional great expert in their field! Olga is an excellent specialist and a wonderful person! Attitude to patients sensitive attentive, during the operation very well supported spoke. A huge thank you to Orenburkina Olga Ivanovna, Ufa research Institute of eye diseases of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan! Good health, professional success, hats off to You! The Patient Kurdyumov Irina.

Nasyrov Aliya Maratovna


Family Zotovich and Vasievich


Tsybysheva, the village of Karlykhanovo

Dear Azat Mukhametdinova!Heartily congratulate You with happy New year 2017!Thank You for your professionalism, attentive and friendly attitude to patients. After talking with You, life takes on a different meaning - begin to believe in recovery. I wish You good health, career growth, job satisfaction, grateful patients, well-being in all areas of Your life. Let a favorite work, a decent salary and love be with You always!

Bikbulatov A. K.

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Malkova Ekaterina

Malkova blagodarnosti

Albina Zakirova Antonova (Baymak)

After years of working as an ophthalmologist in district hospital (in my experience of fifty years) for medical reasons, is forced to turn to you, dear Ufa colleagues. Frankly, it was uncomfortable at this age to get to Ufa for five hundred kilometers on the winter road, but the responsiveness, correctness and high professionalism of employees of the Institute pushed to the margins and fatigue, and every doubt and fear (so far without it, we are all human). I am grateful to the nurses Nizalova Irina and Alena Karimova, Dr. Fanie Kalimullina Novikovoj. So they expressed to me respect and were very sensitive, now I absolutely scary to come back to College, already in operational use. They are true medical professionals are always totally faithful to the oath of Hippocrates. My opinion – such specialists, who bring faith in their colleagues, a positive outcome of treatment, including surgical intervention, should be encouraged. Dear Muharram Muharemovic! On the eve of 2017, allow me to congratulate You and Your team happy holidays. The health of each employee of the Institute for and welfare. Let your patients leave you smiling with joy to see. Let each operation is completed safely. Let the cohort experienced professionals join promising young specialists, taking from them all the best. Success always in all your endeavors You and Your team Sincerely, a veteran of health A. Z. Antonova.


I want to Express my gratitude to the staff of the first microsurgical Department of the Ufa Institute of Eye Diseases and personally doctor Rashid Mohammad Zavdatovich for the cataract operation. With respect to You, the patient Osintsev A. I.!!!

Ismagilova, Fauzia Musaevna


Harina Maria Petrovna


Andreeva Zilya Azatovna


Gorianova Iraida Yakovlevna

Gorianova Iraida Yakovlevna Kurgan region, settlement Yurgamysh. I would like to Express my gratitude GU "Ufa research Institute of eye diseases" of the Academy of Sciences RB, Ufa, and in particular the doctor Bikbulatova Rustem Maratovich for the successful operation carried out to them personally 30.09.2013 g. In the time I was diagnosed with "Subtotal retinal detachment". In the city of Kurgan, none of the experts could help me, just shrugged and said that there will only help foreign medicine, either a miracle :"we Have no one to help you". Despairing from what he heard, realizing that losing my sight, I decided to appeal to all friends. One of them his name Babitzin Vladimir Arici I was advised the clinic of eye diseases in Ufa. Not dozhdavshis miracle, my husband and I went to Ufa, where, after tests my health problems I diagnosed "Subtotal retinal detachment", to cope with which was decided only one doctor - Bikbulatov R. M. During the preparation for surgical treatment, I pondered many things in my life, starting with my favorite kids, the husband :" want, want, Want I shouted to myself, I want to see them grow up and my grandchildren grow up, the youngest of them still do not have a year." Why it happened to me, "shall Not God unkind! I want to see, want to see before even with glasses!". In the ward from patients I heard only the desire to get to a famous doctor for treatment Bikbulatova, this time I am almost consoled. And then came the day when everything will fall into place soy. Taking will in a fist not holding back fear, I went on the operating table. Remember, only a very bright light and the words Bikbulatova :"Everything will be better, don't worry, put your trust in", these are the words and hands of the Creator did his job. How I was scary and dark and here eyes, beloved wife and mother. Now I suppose nothing, my grandchildren grow and I see their first Topi Topi top, as did it perfectly. As time passed, I went to the reception to the ophthalmologist of the Mound, from what I have seen she told me:"it's a miracle, so to solder the retina only in Japan", but alas, I disappointed her by her boasted skill Bikbulatova to give hope and light in life. In my life caught attentive, responsive, professional Rustem Maratovich – the doctor from God!!!!! According to more such wonderful doctors. This man is a fan of his work. Thanks again to this man, wish him health, success in work, professional growth and a happy 2017!!!! With respect Gorianova I. J. Kurgan.

Rogulina Love.

Addressed primarily after surgery on both eyes (glaucoma). The operation was done in another city. The doctor examined naznachili treatment. All explained in detail for my mother in ages it was so important! Correct, discreet, courteous and humane Regina R., thank You very much! We were just lucky we got to you!

Eugene Sabitova V.

The operation was done 15.02.2016. The doctor showed a high level of professionalism and attention to my health after vision correction in the clinic, which was successful. I feel great and see everything in a new light. Thank You, Rustem Maratovich, for Your work! I wish You all the best and that all Your surgeries were successful!

Ziganshin F. A.

Gratitude Ziganshin Fard
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