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Gatina, Tatyana V.

I want to Express my gratitude to the staff 1 of microsurgery Department of "Ufa research Institute of eye diseases of the Academy of Sciences of the Bashkortostan Republic" under the leadership of the Absalyamova Minnelli of Sharafutdinovich for professionalism, sensitivity and attention to each patient. From your whole soul want to Express my gratitude to the attending physician, surgeon-ophthalmologist Burhanova ULAW Kasipovic who brought us the vision, so have returned it. Competent, responsive, a true expert in their field and a good person. We are very lucky that we got to this doctor. The warmest words of thanks brought the head nurse Lena Miniyarova Denisovna responsible attitude to their work, for their kindness and compassion towards patients! We wish you only health and prosperity. Stay always so kind, smiling and optimistic. Happiness to you and your family. Thank You! Sincerely, a grateful patient: Gatina, Tatyana V. Gatiatova Ahmetovna Sariya, Sariya Hodieva Fatihova, Valiyev Ramil Akhatovich

Shafikova Firuza Rakipova

I Express my deep gratitude to Lech.doctor Gazizova L. T, Klyavlino R. R, all of the medical Commission,and also the worker honey. documentation Dilbar R. the. Such kindness and generosity from the doctors is not seen in any other hospital. In 2015 the opportunity to apply scientific research Institute of eye diseases (Pushkin 90).after a long survey,admitted the cancer of the eye, in the shortest time sent to the clinic of Moscow them. Helmholtz.for the operation.Very pleased with the result of treatment. With the coming professional holiday! Your good hands, I will not forget Your hopeful opinion Your help that miracle happen. Your attention everyone is happy. It affects Your skill And the extraordinary warmth, Together is just magic ! Low bow to You for humanity !

Tazetdinova Elvera Azamatovna

I want to Express my gratitude to Bikbulatova Rustem Maratovich.Thank You so much for the excellent conduct of the operation.You have Golden hands and kind heart.Wish You success in your hard and noble work!!!

Sazhin Vladimir Borisovich

I Express my sincere gratitude to Department Head Khusnitdinova Ilnur The ildarovich , Doctor - ophthalmologist Seagull Olga, All the nurses and aides II Microsurgical Department. I wish you Health, Successes in your noble work!!!! All the best to You!!!! All The Best!!! Your patient Sazhin Vladimir Borisovich

Radjabov Of Maguma Ahatovna

Good day to all. Was operated for cataract on 22 April 2016. I want to Express my gratitude to all the staff for the sensitivity, politeness and professionalism. Very happy with the result. My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Sarvarova Denis Anusavice. You have Golden hands! I wish You health, prosperity, further success in Your responsible work!

Latypova Albina Nikolaevna

I Express my deep heartfelt thanks to my doctor Burhanova ULAW Kasipovic for his professionalism: a steady hand and an individual approach to the patient. After several years of disability and of the assurances of the doctors that in my case, surgery cannot return lost vision, I can see again! Thanks to You, I finally get to see roses bloom in my garden! Thank you Babushkin Alexander Eduardovich for increased attention and support. Definitely want to thank the nurses for their patience, care and a light hand in the proceedings. Written by latypovoj Albina Nikolaevna her daughter. I want to add that none of the hospital in which I visited, I have not seen this attitude to patients, starting literally from the doorstep. The elderly, for the most part, people are not just patients, but a very important and, perhaps, your favorite patients! Kindness that comes from honey.staff is very beneficial and for sick. Thank you all for mom!

Svetlana Davletshina Rishatovna

Good day to all! Wanted to Express my gratitude to the Regina R., which I did vision correction. She is very friendly, competent, attentive and polite doctor. I am very happy with the result. Health and happiness to You! Also thank you to all the nurses of the Department. Success and patience in Your hard work. From this clinic I have only positive emotions.

A. A. Nagornov

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Markova E. O.


Bogacheva N. A.

I want to Express my gratitude and my love to the doctor Draft N.With. It's been 18 years, and I remember the doctor that gave me confidence,beautiful eyes,and the love of medicine. With 3 years of age wore glasses. But there was no improvement, and last chance remained operative treatment.In 1998, a wonderful doctor Chernova N. With. performed surgery on eyes for strabismus. The most vivid impression of childhood,and most importantly smooth beautiful eyes, lifting points (what the child should be!). Remember the doctor who gave me the aesthetic beauty but also excellent eyesight,under its supervision was not afraid,and calm. Longer live in Bashkiria. But I remember and thank the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases , that at one time received me with love and kindness. And always proud to say where I had the surgery!!)

Agapova Ekaterina

Grateful to the research Institute and the doctor with the Golden hands for the opportunity to see the world without glasses. Diagnosis and laser vision correction took place in a calm atmosphere, without emotion, the whole process is clearly organized.

Kozlovskaya Maria Pavlovna

I Kozlovskaya Maria Pavlovna 6 April 2016 held a free screening in the Institute of eye diseases. I want to Express my gratitude to all the doctors, starting from area "1". For the attention of the retirees, the People working there with big letters, they are professionals.

Kopteva O. N.

I want to Express my gratitude to the staff of the Department of physical therapy! For treatment is my four year old daughter. Thank you for your professionalism and very attentive and sensitive attitude towards children! Rasim Ramilevna and Guzel Ahmetovna not just great treatments but also find a common language with each child. For treatment we go with pleasure!

Nizamov, Shamil Kamilovich

Thank you for completing the survey .Was very touched attentive, reverent attitude of the staff of the Institute in the framework of the action"KUSAPIN".Our family members were with you on 19 and 22 March.Very much realized in terms of attitude to their own health. May God give you all-all good health for your selfless mission!!! All who together with us have passed the examination , are the same feelings! You are doing a great job! Elderly people now in the realities of our reality, unaccustomed to attention! And , thanks to you all, they felt a second wind! Thank you!!! Contact person: Nizamov, Shamil Kamilovich, 8-963-891-52-14

Frolov Tamara


Sklizkova Elena


Sakhapov Testin


Nagornov Andrei

Blagodarnosti from nahornova And 2 STRG

Gratitude Nagornov Andrein

Ushina M. M.

THANKS A glimmer of light in the space of darkness Now we can hope, shone - Again I see beautiful flowers; And live now much better! Thank you for this clear light, That visibly healed we eyes; For your hard, hard work; The skill acquired over the years! Doctors, nurses, all medical staff - We wholeheartedly thank you! Handsomely will return in the future let to all of you For all the good, righteous thing! Dedicated respected RACEME TAZIEVA GABCIKOVO and all your team Scientific research Institute of eye diseases, Ufa at Aurora St., 14 Ushina M. M from the city of Neftekamsk February 2016

Zaynullina X Yakovlev M. I

19 February 2016 You gave us the operation of cataract extraction with implantation of artificial lens. The first was the extraordinary fears,after surgery,all fears disappeared.We are very-very happy,so we write to You words of gratitude for the wonderful operation.Thank you so much and wish You further Successes in work and private life.With great respect to You Zaynullin, H. X Yakovlev M. I Bugulma