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Mironova Ekaterina

Thank you for your professionalism and kindness towards children! My children (Uskov Cyril and Shakirzyanova Jan) 19.07.2017 G. was treated in the physical therapy Department. Evlentieva G. A., nurse of this office, is very attentive to the kids, gives them great sympathy, and , most importantly, finds each of them a special approach. Guzel Ahmetovna at a high level, surely had a full course of treatment, thus control the process of treatment of children for each apparatus. The vision of my children improved after treatment, so we will definitely come again, especially knowing that they will be surrounded with care and attention. Guzel Ahmetovna, thank you for everything You have done for my children.

Kupatadze, U. P.

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Novikova Maria Ivanovna

We extend to You and all the staff of your Department's gratitude for the surgery mom Novikova Maria Ivanovna 07.07.2017 . You just wizards! Low bow to You! Thank you, doctor, for your help, For what I gave strength, You reached out in sorrow in hand When the disease I mowed. Be healthy, inspired, Light, light, knowledge, kindness, Let there be less disappointments Good luck to you, doctor dear.

Berseneva Galiya Gizatdinova

I Express my deep gratitude and great thanks to Dr. a successful surgery for removal of complicated cataract may 25, 2017 this talented doctor Golden hands, and Health to you Denis Anasovich, all the best in your hard work and great human happiness!

Galimova, Guzel Amirjanova

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Anastasiya P.

I Express my gratitude to the Regina R. for successfully performed laser vision correction on 28 March 2017. Very sensitive and sympathetic doctor, carefully and patiently giving all the explanations. Got to her office the first time, I realized that it was my surgeon, she's the only one I can trust the most valuable - your eyes. And confidence in your surgeon is half of the success of the operation. Regina R., thank you for a dream come true - to see the world through their eyes!

Sapaev Sumarac The Kurbanovna

Our good opinion about you: Hello! Sincerely Express gratitude, for April 14, 2017. The operation was conducted Gulnara Safarova. The doctor - a great specialist and a wonderful person! Is a surgeon from God. Thank you to her. Attitude to patients sensitive, caring, in the Department of purity and order, as well as tasty food! Thank you to all the medical staff for bona fide human attitude! Good health, professional success, hats off to You! Well, there is a unique medical center. Sincerely, the K. Sapaev Sumarac

A. N. Izotov


Vostretsova Larisa Vladimirovna

Thank You, Ilnur ildarovich for creative jewelry operation to replace the lens, I sincerely thank you for your skill, You really need people who thanks to you can see the world in all colors and to enjoy life. Good luck and success to You in work and personal life.

Valeev, V. S., village Priyutovo

Three months I go without fear that I will stumble,fall. Operated 11.01.2017.Eye condition was huzhee nowhere.Now I see perfectly.Admire high professionalism of doctors.I wish him further great success in his noble work.A big thank you also to the staff 1 MK. surgical Department,headed by Absalyamova Minnelli Sharafudeen,for the sensitive,kind attitude towards patients.